Most Overrated/Underrated Players in the Draft at each Position on Offense

Before I go any farther, please understand that this is what I see with MY eyes. So if Kiper/Mayock/MEHcShay or whoever have a player higher, and I call them overrated, understand that I respectfully disagree. So without further ado, here’s a list of guys that I think are being underrated and overrated by the draft community. Also keep in mind, that you can be a top 15 player, and still be considered underrated, and you can be a 5th rounder, and still be overrated. These are both extreme examples, but the point still stands.



David Fales.

I saw Fales up close at the Senior Bowl and his arm is average at best. He struggles to throw the ball on a line on intermediate routes. That said, he’s one of the best pure passers in the class and can be relied on with his accuracy and anticipation. Fales is a guy that can win games in the NFL.


Derek Carr.

I wouldn’t touch him in the 1st round. From a QB I want pocket presence, Carr doesn’t have that. You can separate his offense, and what he’s asked to do and still see how he crumbles at the site of any pressure. You want a QB that’ll stare down the blitz, take the hit and make the throw, that’s not Carr. This snowballs into poor footwork as a passer, leading to inconsistent accuracy.

Running Back


Isaiah Crowell

Watching Crowell in 2013 and he’s bigger and faster than he ever was at Georgia. His coach said he’s up to 227 pounds, and he looks like a 4.45 guy. He has the burst to run away from defenders in short spaces and is the most naturally talented back in the draft.


The Big Backs.

Mainly Terrance West & Andre Williams. I don’t think either is very agile, at all. Williams doesn’t really create for himself, and I’m not sure West has the change of direction needed to succeed at the next level.

Wide Receiver


Brandin Cooks

Cooks is a bulldog. He’s not going to go in the 1st because he’ll measure small, but he plays like a 4.3 guy, he does an excellent job of high pointing the ball, and has some Wes Welker in his route running, as he finds different ways to create separation at the top of his route. Cooks is a steal anywhere in the 2nd round.


Martavius Bryant

He’s better than Stephen Hill, but there are a lot of similarities in both of their games. People will be wowed once Hill runs a sub 4.4, and he does play that fast on the field. The problem is, I’m not sure he’s strong to get off press coverage, and I know he struggles when he’s asked to do more than go vertical. He struggles to get in and out of his breaks, he doesn’t sink his hips on in breaking routes, and when the balls in his hands, he’s not going to make you miss. He’s primarily a vertical receiver at this point, not much else.

Tight End


Crocket Gilmore

In the day and age where everyone wants that flex tight end, Gilmore is a guy who’s not overly fast, but knows how to get open. I think he’ll be very valuable in the pros, and  will be a good safety blanket for QBs over the middle.


I really don’t have one. I think this is an excellent TE class, and expect a lot of these guys to stick somewhere and eventually have some sort of impact on their teams.

Offensive Tackles


Morgan Moses.

He has the positional versatility that every team wants. The biggest thing with Moses is that he wins. I’ d have no problem if I were a team and needed a tackle to take Moses in the 1st round. He understands angles, doesn’t have good foot speed but has quick feet to get to where he needs to be. He also has underrated power and has shown he can lock on and drive defenders. He’s very good and will continue to get better.


Antonio Richardson

There are a lot of flaws in his game that make me think aren’t correctable. Richardson allows athletic pass rushers to cross his face with ease and has a lot of trouble with guys that convert speed to power. The stiffness in his lower body is the icing on the cake for me that Tiny shouldn’t be starting day 1.

Offensive Guards


Dakota Dozier.

This years Terron Armstead. He’s incredibly athletic, but has the power to drive defenders and create running lanes. Dozier is a natural knee bender that has the most upside of any guard in this class. I think we’ll hear his name more and more after the combine.


Cyril Richardson

Once considered a lock as a 1st rounder, after getting an in-depth look at him, he’s just not very good. Once he gets out of that phone booth, that’s where the problems start. He also has issues with leverage, and defenders at the next level will be under to get under his pads and walk him back into the QB. He also gets lost at the second level and has inconsistent hand placement. He might be the most overrated on the list.



Marcus Martin

Another interior lineman that is an excellent athlete with great power. He too has positional versatility and fires off the snap low that result in pancake blocks. There’s a good chance he’s the 1st center drafted when it’s all said and done.


Travis Swanson

Once pegged as the best center in the class. I have questions about his anchor. Unlike Martin, Swanson has a tendency to catch defenders, and he’s simply not strong enough to do that. Lack of strength just can’t be overlooked in the NFL.