Scott Critchton Scouting Report

Position: DE/OLB

College: Oregon State

Height: 6’3” Weight: 265

Class: Junior


Scott Crichton is a Defensive End/Outside Linebacker from Oregon State who played in 38 games during his career.  He finished his career with 165 tackles, 22.5 sacks, 51.0 TFL’s, 10 forced fumbles.

Where He Excels

  • Defending the run
  • Instincts

When I set out to watch tape on Crichton I was excited given the amount of hype he gets with the mock drafts/ratings I see online.  The first thing I noticed was his ability to influence the running game in a number of ways.  He excels at occupying blockers to allow his fellow defenders to make plays on the ball, like an undersized 3-4 Defensive End.  He also has a natural ability to fight through the offensive players and attack the ball carrier, more so than most DE/OLB’s I’ve seen.  When watching Crichton I couldn’t help but be reminded of Jarret Johnson, the OLB with San Diego  Johnson began his career as a 285 pound DE but lost 20 pounds and became a run stuffing OLB in the NFL, essentially what I see Crichton as.

Crichton’s natural instincts impressed me quite a bit as well.  He knows that when he isn’t going to be able to get to the Quarterback he needs to get his arms up to attempt to disrupt the passing lanes or possibly deflect the pass.  This is such a big deal in today’s NFL due to the speed at which the Quarterbacks get rid of the ball (see J.J. Watt).  His good instincts seem to make up for physical deficiencies and allows him to have an effect on a number of plays.

What He Needs to Work On

  • Pass Rush
  • Agility/Bend
  • Gets too upright
  • Low Motor

It seems like a lot of negatives, but it mostly relates to his lack of a pass rush ability.  I know that if you just look at his stats you’ll see he had 22.5 sacks in just three seasons, but that doesn’t even begin to tell the story in this case.  Crichton has good speed and power in a straight line but he lacks any sort of bending ability in order to best utilize that speed when rushing the passer.  Not only does he lack a natural bending ability but his lateral agility is very limited.  I just don’t see anything that will translate to him being a good pass rusher in the NFL.

Another big issue for Crichton is his body positioning after his initial burst.  He has a tendency to get far too upright which presents a whole lot of space to the offensive lineman.  Any offensive lineman worth a roster position should be able to completely take Crichton out of a play with this bad habit.  Not only this, but combined with a relatively low motor. What I mean by low motor is far too often if a play went to the opposite side of the field or got behind him he would give up on it and not continue to pursue the ball.  I hate to see this, especially from a player who has the athleticism to potentially get to the ball and make a difference in the play.


Trait Weight Grade
Vs. The Run 4 3.7
Pass Rush Ability 4 2.8
Read & React 3 2.5
First Step 2 1.7
Pass Rush Moves 2 1
Tackling 2 2
Coverage 2 1.7
Motor 2 1.3
Stack & Shed/Strength at POA 2 1.7
Feet/COD 2 2


I have Crichton graded out at a 7.34, which places him as a mid third round pick based on talent alone.  I agree with this rating because of his limited impact in influencing the quarterbacks actions during a play.  His run stuffing ability will be an asset to a team and I think he has the potential to be an impact role player for a number of years, similar to Jarret Johnson.  I feel he is the perfect comparison for Crichton and someone he should model his game after.